Weekend Events & Temple Updates

May 07, 2017 (Sunday) – 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM – Sunday Sponsor Pooja


Please join us with family and friends for the Sunday Sponsor event on May 07, 2017 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. After Pooja, Bhajans and Keertans, Aarati is performed followed by Lunch-Prasad.


Please Welcome Our New Priest

Pundit Raghunath Ji



Sri Deepak Madakasira Raghunath was born in a Telugu priest family living in Bengaluru, Karnataka, on August 11, 1985. He received his early education in Sanskrit and Veda from his father and started helping him in performing Pooja at Sri Rama Temple at age of 10 years. He got his Pre-University Certificate from SJRP College in 2003 and Agama Certificate from State of Karnataka in 2006. Same year, he received a Certificate of Eligibility for performing Pooja.

He served as Pradhan Archak at Mail Motor service Ganapati Temple, Venkata International School Mahalakshmi temple, and Shakti Ganapati Temple in Bengaluru. In 2015, he came to USA as a priest at Hindu Samaj Temple in Mahwah New Jersey. He also performed many Poojas and Sanskaars for devotees at their homes both in India and in New Jersey.

He can communicate in several languages. He studied English in college and his ability has improved over the years. His mother tongue is Telugu. Since he lived in Bengaluru for 30 years, Kannada is like a native language. In that metropolitan city, he also learned to communicate in Hindi and Tamil.

He is proficient in use of computers. He can use Word and Excel. He can surf on Internet, performing searches and communicate with emails (that is how he got the New Jersey job and Colorado job!).

He is married to Tejaswini. She is currently in India with their two-year old daughter.

Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of the Rockies, Centennial, Colorado is pleased to have him as a Priest. We will address him as Pundit Ji.

Our New Priest Needs Rental Housing and a Used Car. Can you help?

Hindu Temple is in the process of hiring Mr. Deepak Raghunath as a priest. He may be moving from New Jersey to Colorado around April 1. He is from a Telugu priest family and was raised and educated in Bengaluru. He is fluent in Telugu and Kannada. He is interested in finding an economic accommodation at least until his wife and daughter come from India to join him. A room in a house or apartment with separate or shared bath and kitchen privileges leased/subleased from Telugu/Kannada speaking vegetarian family or individuals will work best. It will be preferable that the housing be within 10 miles of the Temple location, 7201 S. Potomac Street. If you can offer such accommodation, please call him at  201-887-5034 and let him know what you can offer and for how much?

He is also intrested in buying a used car. If you have a used small reliable car (like Honda Civic ot Toyota Corolla) that is 5 to 10 years old and you want to sell it, please call him at 201-887-5034 and let him know what you can offer and for how much?

Require Sunday Sponsors:

If anyone would like to sponsor this Sunday pooja, please contact Satish Kumar at 720-232-8287.

The program includes Pooja, Bhajan keerthan followed by Aarati and Lunch – Prasad. Please forward this message to all who may be interested in the program.

If you would like to sponsor any upcoming Poojas, please contact the Temple at 303-858-9927, or Satish Kumar at 720-232-8287.

We thank you for your support in all the past years and ongoing support in the Year 2016 and beyond.