2017 Financial Status

Hindu Temple 2017 Financial Status

Summary and Appeal for Donations.

Dear Devotees:

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of the Rockies (HTCC), I want to thank all of you for your continued support of the temple. Last month, we sent you an email – kind of an annual report and request for donations. We did receive donations/pledges for $25,000 and monthly pledge for $500 per month. We thank the donors.

However, as explained below, this is not enough and we need more donations. Here is a brief summary of financial status of HTCC (estimate, unaudited):

Balance Sheet as of November 30, 2017

Land, Building, Deities and Equipment minus Depreciation: $5,507,000
Bank accounts $38,000
Total Assets $5,545,000

Mortgage Balance $2,171,000
Other Liabilities (loans from devotees, owed to vendors etc.): $218,000
Total Liabilities: $2,389,000

Equity (Total Assets – Total Liabilities): $3,156,000

Income and expense Report 2017 Year to Date (as of November 30, 2017)
Income (total donations for all services and general) $288,000
Expenses (includes $149,000 for mortgage payments) $324,000

The gap between income and expenses is an urgent problem. Please remember that Hindu Temple is not THEIR temple, it is OUR temple. We helped build it for us, our parents, our children and our grandchildren. We have to fund its operation and maintenance, every year.

We also need one time funding for two urgent projects, finishing the kitchen in the basement and installing the bricks on the patio wall to recognize the donors and their loved ones. The total cost is estimated to be about $100 thousand.

Thus, we urgently need about $200,000 to complete the two projects, make up the gap and have some cushion so that expenses can be still be met in months when donations are low. Is it doable? Yes, definitely yes! We have a community of over 1,000 families that visit our temple every year. There are definitely over 400 families that, by God’s grace, can easily donate $1,000 and more each year to maintain a temple that provides such a beautiful place to get together, celebrate our festivals, and worship our Gods. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to teach them about our heritage and culture.

So please be generous. It has been a very good year for the economy. Your donation is tax deductible. The tax ID number is 84-1301209. A receipt will be sent to you in January, 2018, showing your total donations for year 2017. Please complete the donation form below and send it to the temple with your check, payable to Hindu Temple, in the enclosed preaddressed envelope.

If for some reason, you want to make your donation by credit card, please visit the temple and contact the priest or visit the temple website, www.hindutempleofcolorado.org, and click “Donate” or “Subscribe” button to make the donation using your credit card.

I have one other request. If you like the temple, please spread the word to your friends and relatives and encourage them to visit the temple. If you do not like something and have a suggestion, please send it to me by email at Jhaji@q.com.

May God bless you and your family!

Mahesh Jha

Interim President

2017 Year End Hindu Temple Donation Form

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