Big THANK YOU to all the Year End Donors

Big THANK YOU to all the Year End Donors

All the Year End Donors:

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of the Rockies (HTCC), I want to thank all of you for responding to our appeal for yearend donations. You donated on the web site using PayPal, donated stocks, donated on credit cards, deposited/transferred money to temple bank account, sent checks to temple by mail, and donated in cash and by check in person in temple. There were many small and some large (five thousand and more) donations. The total was above $60,000. A very big THANK YOU to all of you. May God bless you and your families.

We will be sending donation receipt to each donor of record for the total donation made during 2017 by January 31, 2018. Because of the management change that happened during the year, it may be possible that we will make some mistakes. If you do not receive a receipt or the amount does not match your records, please contact us – Satish Kumar at or Mahesh Jha at and we will make it right.

Please remember that it is OUR temple, not THEIR temple. WE have to pay the expenses, THEY will not pay it. The expenses such as mortgage, utilities, and priest salaries are incurred every day. They total to one thousand dollar every day of the year. So please be generous in your donations – and visit the temple as often as you can for religious, cultural, educational and spiritual activities.


Mahesh Jha

Interim President