Mortgage Payment – Donation / Pledge Form

Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of the Rockies
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Mortgage Payment – Donation / Pledge Form
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Please Note:

  1. Preferred donation method: Fill out this form and send it with your check to Hindu Temple at the address given above (make sure the check has your current address). Please write Mortgage Payment Fund on the For/Memo line and the donation will be deposited in the Citi Wide bank account from which mortgage is paid every month.
  2. If you authorize payment by credit card (remember to sign above), your donation will be deposited in Wells Fargo Bank (HTCC operations account) and with above information we should be able to trace it and transfer the funds to City Wide Bank.


:: Donations of Stocks

The Stock Market has done extremely well over last eight years. If you own stocks, funds, ETFs that have appreciated significantly and you have owned them for more than a year, you may consider donating some of them to the temple instead of cashing them and donating cash to temple. There will be two financial advantages: You will avoid Capital Gains Tax and you will be able to include in your itemized tax deduction, the full appreciated value of the stock as of the date of donation. You can also take tax advantage of charitable giving by transferring funds directly from your 401 K or IRA accounts to HTCC. If you are over 69 years old and have to take minimum required distribution, you can give part of it to HTCC directly. This part will not be counted in your total income for the year and it will be counted in your total charitable gift under itemized deduction. It is recommended that you consult your tax advisor to discuss your personal financial situation before making the decision. You would have to fill out a “Charitable Donation” form from your brokerage institution and submit it to them. Once you have initiated the process, please let HTCC President ( and Treasurer ( know about it so that they can follow up and provide you the receipt. Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of the Rockies has a brokerage account at Charles Schwab. The account number is 5681-0096 (DTC 0164).

:: Any Donations – Matching Gift Program

Please contact the Human Resources department of your employer organization to determine if they offer Matching Gift program. If they do, please fill out the required form. This may increase the value of your donation, generally up to double, to Hindu Temple for any kind of donation you make.