Oct 24 – 29, 2017 Events

Change in Aarati Time: Please note the time change for daily Aarati.

Day Time: 12:30 – 1:00 PM

Evening: 7:30 PM – 8:00 PM


We had a spectacular Diwali celebration, hope you attended the function(s) and had some fun. We would like to thank Bawarchi Restaurant, Taste of India, India’s restaurant, Mini India for their generosity by giving delicious food. Our sincere thanks to all the volunteers who helped in serving the food, setting up the place, setting up Annakuta display, helping at reception area, helping at dandiya table, at Annakuta Prasad table, and giving their helping hands wherever needed. They make our temple a better place. Thank you and May God bless you and your families.

Special Announcement:Need Sponsor for Sunday, October 29, 2017

We are looking for a sponsor for Sunday pooja, October 29, 2017. Hope you find an important family event to celebrate with family and friends in the temple. Sunday pooja includes main pooja of your choice (examples: Satya Narayana Katha, Ganesha Pooja, Devi Pooja, Shiva Pooja, Nava Graha Pooja and many more), Bhajan, Kirtan, Aarati and lunch prasad.

For more details, please contact Acharya ji at 1-201-640-2257 or Pandit ji at 1-201-887-5034.

Sunday, October 22– 11: AM – 1:00 PM: Mata ki Chowki

Please join us with family and friends to participate in Sunday Pooja from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM. The program includes Durga Pooja, Devi bhajan, and kirtan. This week’s sponsors are Rohan and Ritu Agarwal. We wish the Agarwal family and their loved ones a long and happy life, good health, and prosperity.

Every Sunday, from 10 to 11 AM: Yoga classes 

Yoga classes are being held every Sunday from10 to 11AM in the Temple basement. For more details, please see, Yoga Class Details listed below.

Monday, October 23 – 10:30 AM and 6:45 PM: Rudra Abhishekam

Rudra Abhishekam pooja is performed every Monday to worship Lord Shiva using Vedic methods. Please join us with family and friends to participate in Rudra Abhishekam in the morning at 10:30 am or evening at 6:45 PM and get the blessings of Lord Shiva. We welcome you to bring flowers, fruits and prasad (sweets).

Tuesday, October 24– 7:00 PM: Hanuman Chalisa Paath

Please join us in Hanuman Chalisa Paath and Aarti. We welcome you to bring flowers, fruits and prasad (sweets).

Wednesday, October 25 – 6:45 PM: Vishnu Sahasranaam

Please join us with family and friends to participate in Vishnu Sahasranaam Paath every Wednesday evening. The program will be followed by Aarti and prasad. You are welcome to bring flowers, fruits and prasad (sweets)

Thursday, October 26-

Regular temple hours: 9:30 am -1:30 pm and 5:30 to 8:30 PM

Friday, October 27- 6:45 PM: Lalitha Sahasranaam

Please join us with family and friends to participate in Lalitha Sahasranaam Paath every Friday at 6:45 pm. The program will be followed by aarti and prasad. You are welcome to bring flowers, fruits and prasad (sweets).

Saturday, October 28- 11AM: Shani Dev Pooja and Havan

According to Hindu Astrology, it is believed that Shani Dev can drastically change the course of our lives. Shani will transit to the sign of Sagittarius on 26th October, 2017, which may bring negative impacts on people born in various lunar signs. It will stay in Sagittarius for next 2.5 years. Sadhe-sati (7.5 years) will start for people born under Capricorn lunar sign. People of Sagittarius sign will be under intense peak phase of Sadhe-sati. People of Scorpion sign will be going through last phase of Sadhe-sati. Shani Dhaiya (2.5 years) will start for people of Taurus and Virgo lunar signs. The general bad impact during Sadhe Sati and Dhaiya are: Health problems, character assassination, legal suites, problem in family and relationship, loss in business, loss of job or position in work, loss of money, accident, mental afflictions, and sorrows.

To protect you from ill effects of Shani Transit and seek blessings of Shani Dev, Hindu Temple is organizing Shani Pooja and Havan on Saturday, October 28th, 2017. This Shani puja and Havan will protect you from Sadhe-sati and Dhaiya. It will also be very helpful for those people under Shani Mahadasa or Anterdasa (periods).

A Havan will be performed at 11 am if there are more than five sponsors. You are requested to donate $51 or more (per family) for doing both Havan and Pooja. Pooja only will be performed throughout the day and the requested donation is $31.

All Puja items, Havan items and Oil will be provided by Temple.

If you do not know your lunar zodiac sign, please contact the priests to find out. A donation of $11 is requested for this service.

Saturday, October 28, 4 – 8 PM: Skand Shasti Puja for Lord Kartikeya

Skanda Sashti is observed on the sixth day of the bright fortnight from dewali (October – November). This day is dedicated to the second son of Lord Shiva – Lord Subramanya, also known as Kartikeya, Kumaresa, Guha, Murugan, Shanmukha and Velayudhan, who on this day, is believed to have annihilated the mythical demon TarakaSuran. TarakaSuran was booned by Lord Brahma “He should get killed by the son of Lord Siva, born from Shiva’s creation alone.” Karthikeya was born as a ball of fire from Lord Shiva’s forehead eye to save the world from agyanam /ignorance. Skanda Sashti commemorates the destruction of evil by the Supreme Being.

Upcoming Events 

Sunday, November 5: 10:30 to 1:00 PM Sunday sponsor Pooja and Tulsi Vivah: We invite multiple families to join and sponsor Tulsi Vivah as a group, suggested donation – $51 per family.

Sunday, November 5: Volunteer Recognition Program: 2-4 PM: We invite all the volunteers who have been helping us in various tasks and making the Hindu Temple a better place. Please send your name, phone number, and email to madhurmahajan@msn.com and mita9bubu@gmail.com.

Yoga Class Details:

Yoga classes are being held every Sunday at 10 AM for an hour in Temple basement. Each student is requested to donate a minimum of $15 per month to Hindu Temple. It is tax deductible. A receipt for the total donation during the year will be provided in January 2018. The student will have to complete an enrollment form, providing name and contact information, a declaration that his/her doctor has not indicated any condition that precludes performing yoga and a declaration that the student will be responsible for using his/her insurance in case medical attention is needed and will not hold Hindu Temple or the teachers responsible. The form can be completed during the first class.  

Yoga classes will be offered for any/all age groups. All skill levels are welcome! For those who are just beginning the practice of yoga, you will practice basic poses & become familiar with your breathing, all in a supportive & friendly environment. Yoga classes will be comprised of regular poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayam) & meditation. We will practice yoga with intricate breathing. Yoga can also help us to relieve stress, increase strength & flexibility, and increase energy levels. Participants will be required to bring a yoga mat, strap and a yoga block (available at most stores and on-line).  

Yoga can help open, strengthen, and calm us.  

The classes will be taught by Dr. Raghu Bhattacharya. He received a Ph. D. in Electronic Materials from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India in 1983. He came to USA in 1984 as a post-doc. He joined National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden in 1990. 

Raghu taught Yoga at NREL for 25 years. He has offered his service to teach Yoga at Hindu Temple to primarily benefit the community and the temple.

Important General Items

  • If you would like to sponsor any upcoming Poojas, please contact the Temple at 303-858-9927.
  • Please update your email address, phone number and mailing address. If there is a change of address or email change, please let us know so we can update our records and you will continue to receive temple announcements on time.
  • Volunteers needed: We need more volunteers who can work with us to keep this temple a vibrant place and make your temple visits a pleasant experience. Please sign up and let us know how you can help us to serve our community better.
  • For sponsorship and to volunteer, please contact Hindu Temple at 303-858-9927 or via email htcc@hindutempleofcolorado.org.

Humble Request

We humbly request your financial support to cover daily operating expenses and mortgage payments. These expenses are averaging around $30,000 per month. We totally depend on the donations from our devotees and supporters. Please donate generously so we can run this place smoothly and efficiently. We thank you for your support in the past and request your continued support in future.

With Regards,

HTCC Communication Team

Contact us:

Hindu Temple: 303-858-9927 or by E-mail: htcc@hindutempleofcolorado.org

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Pandit Deepak Raghunath: 1 (201) 887-5034, E-Mail: deepakraghunath5@gmail.com

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