Temple Management

:: Officers:

Title Name Phone
President (On Leave) Reva Nayar 303-690-4347
President (interim)  Mahesh Jha  303-526-0260
Vice President – Operations C. P. Mishra 303-973-7765
Fund Raising Reva Nayar 303-690-4347
Secretary Modhumita Mukherjee 303-499-5208
Treasurer Satish Kumar 303-973-4635

:: General:

Name Phone Email
HTCC 303-858-9927 htcc@hindutempleofcolorado.org

:: Board of Trustees:

Name Phone Email
Agarwal, Rajesh 720-220-2095 rajesh.agarwal@ucdenver.edu
Budhiraja, Arun 303-755-4805 budhiraja@aol.com
Jha, Mahesh 720-618-2866 jhaji@q.com
Kumar, Satish 303-973-4635 skwc@wt.net
Mahajan, Madhur 303-278-9860 madhurmahajan@msn.com
Mishra, C.P. 303-973-7765 cpmishra@hotmail.com
Mukherjee, Modhumita 303-499-5208 mita9bubu@gmail.com
Nanda, Ved 303-377-6438 nandas@earthlink.net
Nayar, Reva 303-690-4347 amn116@hotmail.com
Rao, Prabhakara 303-979-4193 prabrao@comcast.net
Talanki, Sridhar 303-883-2403 stalanki@yahoo.com
Vasant, Asha 720-261-4758 asha.vasant@yahoo.com
Verma, Sudhir 720-323-7799 verma4homes@comcast.net

:: Board of Trustees’ Background

Name Personal Background
Agarwal, Rajesh Professor at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus with interest in Cancer Research. Board member 2000-2004 and 2012-present
Budhiraja, Arun Real Estate Agent, assisted in Temple Real Estate transactions, engineer, and served on the board since inception. Member of the temple construction committee, involved in fundraising initiatives (including developing and implementing) and tracking of funds
Jha, Mahesh Retired Engineer, Project Manager – USDOE, joined Board in 1999, President from 2002 – 2009
Kumar, Satish Businessman – jewelry store, joined Board in 1999, Past Secretary, Treasurer since 2003
Mahajan, Madhur Technical Communications professional, past Mandir Vani and Omkar editor, re-elected to Board in 2009
Mishra, C.P. Retired Engineer – USDOI, Trustee since the beginning with responsibility of temple operations, Elected VP Operations in 2006
Mukherjee, Modhumita Medical technologist with Kaiser, active in Bengali community, elected in 2009
Nanda, Ved Director of International Law at DU, Founder President of HTCC, and internationally recognized authority for Hindu causes
Nayar, Reva President of HTCC from 2009-present, trustee since 1998 and former president. President and CEO of NayarTech, LLC, IT Consulting company 2010-present. Former IT Director of Department of Revenue, State of Colorado 1979-2010.
Rao, Prabhakara Retired engineer from Lockheed Martin, a leader of the Kannada community, past Treasurer, and Editor – Mandir Vani since 2008
Talanki, Sridhar President of an IT company, a leader of the Hindu community, and a trustee since 2006
 Verma, Sudhir  Professional Realtor, a leader of Indian community since 1990, Motto: “Service before Self”, joined Board in 2008