Temple Services

:: Suggested Donations for Various Ceremonies

The HTCC Board of Trustees adopted a standard policy regarding performance of various religious and cultural ceremonies by either of the priests at the request of the Yajmans (sponsors). It is requested that the sponsors (Yajmans) donate the amount indicated below, or more, for specific ceremonies. Please pay the amount by a check made to Hindu Temple and give it to the priest who performed the ceremony. If you choose to pay cash, ask and get a proper receipt. The priest will give the money and copy of the receipt to our Treasurer.

Ceremony Performed At Temple Off Site**
Archana (108 names) of any one deity $21
Archana of any 5 Deities $51
Arati of any one deity $21
Arati of any 5 deities $101
Sankata Haran Chaturthee $31
Pradosh – Shiva Abhishekam* $101
Sunday Puja of any deity and/or Havan with Prasad Bhoj requested through Temple $408
Sunday Puja of any deity and/or Havan with Yajman providing Prasad Bhoj $108
Poornimma night Satya Narayana Puja, Prasad by Yajman $51
Puja of any deity, Satya Narayana Katha, Havan $161 $211
Chandeepath (Durga Saptshatee) during Navaratra, one day $201 $251
Birthday Puja $161 $211
Punyahvachan $161 $211
Namakaran or Annaprashan (Naming baby/First Solid Food) $161 $211
Vidyaarambh (Schooling initiation) $101 $211
Choodakaran (Mundan) $161 $211
Yagyopaveet (Janaeu) – Thread Ceremony $261 $311
Vivah (Wedding) $401 $501
Seemantham $201 $251
Last Rite (performed at cremation) $211
Shraadh and Pind Dan (at home) $211
Bhoomi Puja/Shilanyasa (for new building) $251
Grihapravesh/Vastu Puja (House warming) $251
Vaahan Aashirvaadam (blessing New Car) $31

* Group sponsorship is encouraged. Up to 3 sponsors – share $101 donation. If 4 or more sponsors – $31 each.

** The amount should not be offset by any money offered by you or your friends and relatives on deities, in arati thali or as dakshina given to priest at blessing time. That money is for the priest and not the temple. The amounts suggested are for Denver and surrounding suburbs.

Please pay following amounts separately to the priest to cover extra time for travel and mileage: $50 for Boulder, Brighton, Lafayette and Longmont; $100 for Colo. Springs and Fort Collins.